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Necklace/Earring Sets

This post has Necklace/Earring Sets. All the Necklace/Earring Sets featured here are $3 unless otherwise noted. ALSO . . . when purchasing anything from my shop whenever you buy 2 items you get the third item half off and if you purchase 4 items you get the fifth FREE! Just so you know ;D

Seashell Necklace Set - Comes in pink/blue/white/black/orange

Pink Ribbon Necklace Set

Prayer Box Necklace Set

Patriotic Necklace Set - the three styles it comes in are in the picture

Mice Necklace Set - This is a childrens Set.
**I will get a better picture because currently I have these tied to small stuffed teddy bears from the Wildwood Boardwalk - they are really cute. The bear/necklaces are $5