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Morgans Gems Rules

Made by: Gossamer_Wingsx

Who are we?
Morgans Gems is a home based jewelry business that was started by myself (Colleen aka pxyjuice ) and my father. We both stayed at home all day and was looking for something to keep occupied. An one day my father decided we'd start a jewelry business. We started the company back in June 2007. Since then we have expanded our line of what is available and tried some new jewelry styles. We try to keep our prices reasonable and our inventory up to date.

Shipping Information
I will send out any and all orders on either Tuesday or Friday.
What does that mean? Well, instead of having to run to the post office everyday I will only be going twice a week (unless otherwise noted to buyer) which will be a lot easier on me. If you need something right away just let me know and we'll see what we can do.

ALSO - Shipping and Handling is non-negotiable.
THe price of the shipping and handling may seem high for you but it is my cost for s/h plus paypal plus packaging cost. So I really cant do much about the shipping. BUT - if you buy more then one item it doesn't cost that much more to add it in - usually only fifty cents to a dollar depending on what it is you are adding.

Payment and Specials
This is how MORGANS GEMS works:

Whenever you purchase 2 items you will receive a 3rd item at 50% off
Whenever you purchase 4 items you will receive a 5th item for FREE!

I accept PAYPAL (and I prefer Paypal) but I will also accept check or money order. If you do send me a check or money order I will not ship out your item until your money clears.

Morgans Gems Contact Info::
Contact Name: Colleen M. Wurster
Contact Email: pxyjuice@yahoo.com